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HamiD ParviZ

Hamid Parviz

I am a specialist in digital marketing or digital marketing specialist.

I am a specialist in digital marketing, also known as digital marketing specialist. I have studied in IT fields and have over 20 years of professional experience in the field of information technology. Over the years, I have designed thousands of websites for various companies, and in recent years, I have been involved as an executor and consultant in digital marketing for numerous companies and startups.

Iran, Tehran



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Satisfied customer

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The project is completed

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WEB Design


Digital Marketing

Networking and server





Obtaining MSCA and MCSE Certifications

Obtaining Cisco, Microsoft International Certification

1385 - 1381

Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree from a University

I studied IT, and I was part of the first group that chose this new major when entering university. Like everyone else, we studied both software and hardware aspects of IT

1401 - 1400

Getting Started with Website Design and SEO

Starting Web Design and Specialized Web Discussions, Launching My Own Business



1376 - 1372


I began my career with internships during the summers at companies like Iran Rayaneh and Sazgar Argam.

1389 - 1376

My work became more serious.

I began my career with internships during the summers at companies like Iran Rayaneh and Sazgar Argam.

1402 - 1389

Web Design and SEO

I delved into the realm of website design and SEO. Later, I discovered the importance of digital marketing, which is essential for any online business. Therefore, I started my activities in this field as well.


Customers Opinion

Printers and texts, but newspapers and magazines in columns and rows as necessary and for the current conditions of the required technology and diverse applications with the aim of improving practical tools.

All the difficulty in providing solutions and difficult conditions of typing should end and the time needed including typesetting the main achievements and answering the continuous questions of people in the existing world of design should be basically used.

Many books in sixty-three percent of the past, present, and future require a lot of knowledge from the community and experts in order to gain more knowledge for computer designers, especially creative designers, with software.

He created a leading culture in the Persian language. In this case, it can be hoped that all the difficulty in providing solutions and difficult typing conditions will end and the time required including typesetting will be over.

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گوگل ادز چیست و چرا مهم است؟

October 10, 2022

گوگل ادز چیست و چرا مهم است؟

گوگل ادز چیست؟ در پاسخ به این پرسش باید گفت گوگل ادوردز، یک سرویس تبلیغاتی کلیکی از برند گوگل است که می توانید به کمک آن برای جذب ترافیک بیشتر


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